High efficiency LED bulbs, connected by Bluetooth, Casambi technology

Carus is a German brand that manufactures high quality LED bulbs with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) that is mostly above 95, which is among the best on the market. The CRI indicates the capacity of a lighting to restore the true colors, the CRI of the light of the sun is 100. Carus also proposes a collection of bulbs connected by Bluetooth, controllable thanks to the technology Casambi. Bluetooth allows you to connect to the bulb without going through a hub like the Phillips HUE system for example. Here the bulb connects directly to the smartphone using the Casambi application, available for free on the appstore. Connected Carus bulbs are dimmable, variable in color temperature, and programmable. Another collection of bulbs, "Warm by Click" and "Dim by Click" makes it possible to vary the intensity and color temperature of the bulb with a simple wall switch. Simply press the switch twice quickly to start the dimming and repeat the operation to stop it. The Carus range currently offers the best quality LED bulbs and connected LED bulbs on the market, we are very happy to offer them on Vraimentbeau.

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