Whoo whoo whoo

Luxury fans in solid polished natural aluminum et teck

Whoo whoo whoo is a Belgian family business that started out by importing old fans from Asia for a clientele of purists and collectors. When old models became scarce and in response to an ever-increasing demand from architects and decorators from all over Europe, Jee Pee designed with the help of a family of Indian industrialists specialized in manufacturing pumps, a collection of fans faithful to models that were so successful at the time, with impeccable craftsmanship. The engines have been rigorously chosen for their reliability and they are perfectly quiet. They are wrapped in a molded housing, the whole weighs more than 7kg. The blades, aluminum or teak, are extremely rigid and therefore do not vibrate even when the speed of rotation is high. The wooden blades are made of teak plywood using a technique used for aircraft blades. Whoo whoo whoo offers us a unique collection of beautiful fans to use as well to refresh the summer as to brew and bring down the hot air in winter. Fans are useful accessories, ecological and at the same time very decorative.

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