Mini Eterfan fan in transparent

3 blades transparent polycarbonate fan, noiseless motor and remote control - Faro - Fans

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The Mini Eterfan is a small fan that suits rooms between 13 and 17m2, with a slightly retro style. It consists of 3 transparent polycarbonate blades fixed on an elongated drop-shaped body, also transparent and which reveals the mechanism in chromed metal, and a matching chromed steel ceiling cone. This fan is equipped with a DC motor particularly noiseless, economical and lightweight. It has a reverse function, which brings freshness in summer and even distribution of heat in winter and 6 speeds and a remote control.
The model is available in different combinations of metal finishing and blade type available, in glossy white under the reference 19070654, in matte black under the reference 19070655, in black and wooden blades under the reference 19070656 and in brilliant red under the reference 19070657.
The engine consumes between 3W and 32W, and produces from 51 to 185 rotations per minute, depending on the choice of speed. It moves up to 145.66m3 of air per minute.
Dimensions: 1.28m diameter, 45cm high, 55.5cm blade length.
A light source can be added to this model, consult us for this option.

Product reference: 19070653
Shipped within: 3 to 4 weeks
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Mini Eterfan shiny white fan retro style. Faro. Mini Eterfan black matte fan and transparent blades. Faro.


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Mini Eterfan fan in transparent. Faro.