Ceiling Lamp Moucharabieh square plaster natural white openwork 28cm

Ceiling light available in three sizes - Sedap - Ceiling lights

Price: 344.00 € Incl. Tax

This ceiling lamp Moucharabieh square plaster white natural openwork brings not only excellent lighting but also an astonishing impression of space, particularly welcome in the rooms with low height under ceiling. This ceiling light is available in three sizes, from 28cm side to 60cm side, to choose from the order options below. The lighting is provided by a fluorescent tube whose light is perfectly distributed and homogenized by the body of the ceiling lamp, for a superb aesthetic impression. The manufacturing is entirely carried out in the Sedap workshops, located near Nantes. The polished natural plaster of this ceiling lamp can also be painted before or after installation, which allows a very nice integration. This luminaire can be wired for a 110V electrical network on request.
Dimensions: model 1, side 28cm, height 8cm. Model 2, side 35cm, height 8cm. Model 3, side 60cm, height 14cm. The larger model is slightly curved.
Light source to be used with this luminaire: models 1 and 2, a GR10q fluorescent tube of maximum 28W (140W equivalent lighting). Model 3, a 2GX13 tube of 55W (equivalent lighting 275W).

Product reference: 10010113
Shipped within: 3 to 4 weeks
Our Return Policy: as per French law, you can return your purchase within 14 days of the reception date, if for any reason you are unhappy with it. Please read article 10 of our Terms and Conditions for more details.
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This product is available in the following variants:
Moucharabieh 35cm 358.00€ Incl. Tax
Moucharabieh 60cm 523.00€ Incl. Tax

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Atelier Sedap is a French manufacturer of plaster fixtures, located near Nantes. Atelier Sedap offers a very wide range of decorative and architectural luminaires, all characterized by an exemplary quality of manufacture, a very simple installation, and a perfect quality of lighting. In addition, the technique of manufacturing natural white plaster makes it very easy to paint the luminaire at the time of its installation, for a perfect visual integration to your interior. All these qualities make Atelier Sedap luminaires highly appreciated by the most demanding architects and decorators around the world. The range includes many wall sconces, as well as several ceiling lights and suspensions. In addition, Atelier Sedap offers a wide range of recessed luminaires, which are not featured on Really Beautiful, but can be implemented as part of a quote order.

Ceiling Lamp Moucharabieh square plaster natural white openwork 28cm. Sedap.