Supernova white metal ceiling light

Contemporary ceiling lamp with integrated indirect LED lighting - Holtkötter - Ceiling lights

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The contemporary designed Supernova ceiling light offers powerful indirect light provided by integrated LED lighting in a white metal structure. The model consists of a white disc mounted on a round ceiling bracket, an arm and a white aluminium ring with the LED module on the top that projects the light onto the disc on the ceiling. Supernova has a high light output (6700lm), combined with a dimmer switch in Dim to warm, which means that as you dim the light, it warms up towards yellow. Holkoetter, founded in 1964, is not only renowned for the quality of its luminaires, which are manufactured from raw metal to finished product in Germany, but also focuses its expertise on the development of precise, sustainable and environmentally friendly LED lighting.
The model is available in matt aluminium or black finish under the references 22070116 and 22070115, the collection also includes a floor lamp available in 2 power types and in black, brass or platinum finish under the references 22070118, 22070120, 22070122, a pendant lamp available in brass, black or matt aluminium finish in 2 power types each under the references 22070124, 22070126, 22070128, an Akku floor lamp available in brass, black, aluminium or platinum finish under references 22070130 and 22070132, a Supernova S floor lamp available in brass or black finish under references 22070134 and 22070135, and finally a wall lamp available in different finishes proposed in version with phase-cut dimmer or with touch dimmer under references 22070136, 22070138, 22070140, 22070142.
Dimensions: 25cm ceiling projection, 49.5cm diameter reflector, 42cm diameter base and diffuser.
The light source is a 45W NV LED module of 6700Lm with dim-to-warm dimmer from 2200k to 2900K, integrated into the luminaire.

Product reference: 22070117
Shipped within: 4 to 5 weeks
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Supernova white metal ceiling light. Holtkötter.

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With Holtkötter you will discover a world of lighting of the highest quality, made in Germany: lamps with the most precise workmanship, floor lamps with technically perfect lighting, beautiful wall lamps made of perfectly processed materials, in geometrically perfect, harmonious, timeless shapes. Holtkötter Leuchten GmbH is a German lighting manufacturer founded in 1964 by Franz Holtkötter. All products are manufactured in the company's workshops in Lippstadt, a small town in Westphalia north of Frankfurt. Since 1964, Holtkötter has distinguished itself for the exceptional quality of its lighting design and manufacture, as well as its mastery of metalworking. The range includes numerous desk, floor, wall and table lamps. In addition to the exceptional quality of manufacture, each of the products is distinguished by a few details, tricks and refinements. For example, most of the bases are weighted to ensure perfect stability, the bulbs are almost systematically fitted with diffusers for a perfectly homogeneous light, the transformers for LED or low-voltage halogen lamps are always integrated, the dimmers are usually touch-sensitive, etc. In the case of articulated luminaires, high-precision machining ensures smooth, stable and precise positioning at all times.

Supernova white metal ceiling light. Holtkötter.