Swing floor lamp shaped hourglass rounded slats of walnut wood

Floor lamp made of flexible wooden slats riveted in torsion. Also available in maple wood - Dreizehngrad 13° - Floor lamps

Price: 685.00

This extraordinary floor lamp in the shape of a rounded hourglass is made of maple wood slats. These are riveted at their two ends on an internal disc in white lacquered metal, and in their middle on a completely concealed cylindrical shape, placed in the middle part of this luminaire. The shape taken by this floor lamp comes from the twist brought to the very flexible wooden slats. The concept is completely original, of great intellectual elegance. The result, which benefits from a rigorous selection of products as well as a particularly careful handcrafting, is magnificent. In the center of the lamppost is the light source, mounted on a solid metal frame. The light is reflected on the inside of the wooden slats, before radiating all around the luminaire. The light produced is adorned with warm tones, lively but never dazzling. This floor lamp provides excellent mood lighting. To change the bulb, nothing could be simpler: the slats are flexible, you can easily slide your hand over them. After operation, they return to their original shape. This formidable floor lamp exists in two materials: maple wood and walnut. The wood is varnished, and reinforced on its inside with a layer of transparent cellulose coating, which ensures flexibility and hold. This floor lamp is placed at the top of a tubular base and a disc-shaped base. These two metal parts are lacquered in the oven in white. This lamp is handmade in Germany, in the workshops of Dreizehngrad, located in the town of Alpirsbach, in the Black Forest.
Dimensions: total height 156cm, including lampshade 70cm, and diameter 30cm.
Light source: a large base screw bulb (called E27) of maximum 60W halogen or LED to be purchased separately.

Product reference: 12050725
Shipped within: 4 to 5 weeks
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Swing floor lamp shaped hourglass rounded slats of walnut wood 685.00€ Incl. Tax
Swing hourglass lamp with rounded maple wood slats 685.00€ Incl. Tax

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Dreizehngrad 13°

Wooden lights - Made in Germany

Dreizehngrad 13 ° is a German manufacturer of wooden lamps, suspensions and floor lamps. Founded by two talented creators, Alexander Paul Finke and Jörg Zinser, the company is established in Dresden - the longitude of which is 13 °. The company offers a wide range of luminaires with lampshades made of wood. Preferred species include walnut, maple and beech wood. Cut into ultra-thin slices, the wood is translucent and lends itself perfectly to making lampshades of high aesthetic and optical quality. The company emphasizes the use of natural materials, minimizing the use of chemicals. The varnishes are handcrafted by a small manufacturer also established in the Black Forest. Each Dreizehngrad luminaire is unique and handmade in the company's workshops located in the town of Alpirsbach in the Black Forest. Entirely carried out in Germany, the manufacturing combines many stages carried out in a completely artisanal way: cutting, forming, varnishing of wood. But Dreizehngrad also knows how to combine the most advanced technologies, and thus the metal parts are laser cut - which ensures perfect adjustment precision and an impeccable finish. Dreizehngrad has designed numerous architectural projects in Germany - cafes, hotels, restaurants and public places.

Swing floor lamp shaped hourglass rounded slats of walnut wood. Dreizehngrad 13°.