Our selection of beautiful decoration items

A superb collection of beautiful decorative items for your home: a mirror, a small table, a chair, a plaid or a cushion in synthetic fur? A beautiful shower for your outdoor swimming pool (yes, that sounds like a contradiction, but do check ours)? Superb vases or decorative candle jars? We only propose brands that conquered our hearts - we call it coup de coeur in French! Our cushions and plaids in synthetic fur (we hate killing wild animals, sorry) are of high quality, both silky and durable. Do not miss our collection of indoor fountains, a rare convergence of chic designs and high quality workmanship for a category that is too often crowded with cheap or ugly realisations. We are always available to answer your questions, whether they concern our products, or your needs.

Ceiling fans
Coffee and Occasionnables tables

Chairs and Stools
Available on our French site!
Available on our French site!