The testimonials of our customers

Being a customer of Vraiment Beau means enjoying a unique quality of service on the Internet. Here are some comments received on the occasion of orders placed in recent months:

We recently bought, by internet, a mirror Shaver LED 3 (round wall mirror on articulated arm) – Reference 11090085. This product gives us complete satisfaction. I am currently listing all the companies we used to build our house, to thank them for the quality of their service. I happen to grumble when things do not go well. But I much prefer to express satisfaction, as I am currently doing with you. My only regret is that you are not more know, because we did hesitated before buying on the internet!

Mr P. LE 03/03/18

A word to confirm that we have received our lamps and are very happy. Another big thank you for your advice.

JULIE R. THE 08/03/18

I received the articles. I installed them. The lamps are beautiful. Thank you.

P. B. THE 18/02/17

I received the appliques they are beautiful. Thank-you so much for your prompt response. See you soon!


This morning we received the 2 parcels.

Everything is in perfect condition. The two lamps are now installed and the electricity tested. They are beautiful ! In addition, the color of these lamps is almost identical to that of our previous lamp! The set is really beautiful. We are very happy.

MICHEL R. THE 13/07/17

I have received my order and am very satisfied.

I would like to congratulate you for the quality and the care taken in the conditioning of the lamppost and I will not fail to recommend you.


This email to confirm the receipt of the tassel in replacement of the broken one. The chandelier is superb.

MINH N. THE 20/11/17

I have rarely seen such a kind, attentive, fast and personalized follow-up of an order! Allow me to thank you and especially to congratulate you.

In accordance with your terms, I will pay the deposit of 60% of the amount from the beginning of the first week of the year 2018. For all intents and purposes, could you keep me informed of the fate of Oma Illuminazione: if this manufacturer should resume its activities, I would consider ordering some of their products, as I first intended. Given the way things went for this order, it is clear that if in the future I need any fixture, I now know where to turn in priority. If the opportunity arose, I would not fail to recommend your company to friends. I also present you my best wishes for you and Vraiment Beau and hope you will spend apleasant year 2018.

YVES D. THE 24/12/17

I have received my order. Many thanks for accelerating the process!

PASCAL L. THE 01/03/15

I received my package and thank you very much. You talked about your packaging, but I have never seen any package so carefully done. I have two small questions. There was no power cable in the box, is this normal?

On the other hand, what do I have to change to adapt to the 110V? Certainly the neon light but there is also a small box that fits into the frame. It seems to be a transformer. Do I have to change it too?

GUY M. THE 3/19/15

I received the new lampshade for my lamp Cristina from “The Dauphin”. It is impeccable and I thank you. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and will recommend your store.

N. C. ON 19/04/15

I received my lantern today and am fully satisfied with it. It was my first order on your site and although the delay was a bit long, the quality of service and of the product do make the difference. I wanted to note in particular the care taken in the packaging.

PASCAL M. THE 14/10/15

I received my order and thank you: this luminaire is indeed “very beautiful”, and the delivery took less time than I expected. However, I damaged not the lampshade but the other piece, the one that is set flat in the lampshade: I wanted to know if it was possible to have a replacement and at what price. I also would like to know if the “branch” range will still exist in January, because I would like to order at the beginning of the year the silver Sarment lamp.

FABRICE G. THE 04/11/14

The lights are beautiful, I only have compliments, I gave your details to friends.

My installation is not completely finalized, it will take a little longer.

MARIE F. THE 16/12/14

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