Frequently asked questions

Here are common answers to questions that we are asked frequently.

How can you contact Vraiment Beau?

You can call us at 01 45 20 60 00 Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. We can also arrange, on appointment, for a video-conference on Zoom or Teams (very trendy these days), or if you are a professional, for a meeting in Paris. You can visit us in Crac’h where our operations are located, a charming little village between Auray and La Trinité sur Mer in southern Brittany, where we also hold a small showroom. You can finally write to us at: More information on our page “how to contact us”

Questions about our brands and products:

I am looking for a black pendant. How can I find the lamp I am looking for?

You can use our navigation menus! On the top of our product ranges’ pages, for example the pendants, you will find selectors by style, colour, brand and price. Click on “All colours” and select “Black”. The order of presentation of the suspensions is then modified to show the black lamps first. You can also use the search menu. Or call us, we are here to help!.

If you know which brand you are interested in, you can browse our brand catalog, which presents each manufacturer with illustrations.

I’m looking for a specific luminary and I do not find it on Vraiment Beau. Can you help me?

We usually try to propose the most interesting products of each of our manufacturers. We are sometimes partial, and can select those products we find most interesting. However, if you are looking for a model that we do not present, do contact us by mail or phone, we absolutely can order the reference you are looking for. Do let us know if you have specific requirements (size, colour, options etc…), as most of our suppliers are skilled craftsmen, willing to adjust their designs to your needs.

In addition, if you are looking for an interesting brand that we do not distribute, please do let us know: we are constantly looking for new designers.

Please also note that we are working hard at translating our French site in English, but we still have more references on our French site. You can browse our French catalog at will and enjoy the pictures. Don’t worry, you can always call us and we will do the translation for you.

Questions about our luminaries:

I do not know which bulb to fit on my fixture.

Do call us !

It does becomes more and more difficult to choose with certainty the right bulbs: there are more and more shapes of bulbs (shape of the glass and shape of the base ) and in addition it becomes difficult to choose between low fluo-compact consumption, halogen and LED. We are at available to advise you on the model that will best fit your lighting fixture, taking into account your objectives. You will also find in our Practical Guide many tips to design your lights and choose your bulbs.

I’m not sure of the dimensions of a luminaire I found on your site

Some fixtures sometimes have odd shapes… if you have a doubt about the dimensions of a luminaire, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to answer all your questions.

I would like to install a dimmer on a luminaire, but I’m not sure I know how to do it

If you order a small dimmer together with your lamp, we can install it free of charge on your luminaire, before sending it to you.

Do your LED light enough?

We choose only good quality LED luminaires, which luminous flux is comparable to those of classic luminaires. That said, keep in mind that some products like beacons are designed to produce a soft light.

Also be careful before buying LED bulbs in supermarkets: they often have fairly low performance in terms of intensity, colour or colour rendering capacity. There are LED bulbs that will meet your needs, and we can help you find them.

You can also read our guide page on how to choose good LED bulbs.

Are your lights compatible with low energy light bulbs?

Most of the bulbs that remain authorised for sale are “low consumption”, which includes: (i) fluo-compact bulbs (although endangered) and (ii) halogen bulbs. Both types of bulbs are durably available in supermarkets. In many situations, we actually recommend the use of halogen bulbs that look like traditional bulbs, while having an optimised consumption of 25% to 30%, and generally produce a more aesthetic light than fluorescent bulbs. compact which are only miniature neon tubes and produce a whitish light. Some luminaires, however, are adapted to compact fluorescent bulbs, often because they have a diffusing lampshade that restores a nice shade to the emitted light. Finally, more and more manufacturers are introducing luminaires equipped with LEDs. These light sources have a lifespan of about thirty years, and the question of their replacement does not arise.

Questions about fountains:

How should I care for my fountain?

Regarding the water flowing in the fountain, no special precautions. For those who are synthetic a little sponge enough to remove the unsightly limestone that can appear if your water is very limestone or if the place is very well heated. For stainless steel fountains, we sell a product to maintain the shine of the stainless steel parts. The internal pump does not require any special maintenance.

Can I use my fountain outdoors?

Some fountains are designed for the interior, and others for outdoor use, and this is usually well indicated in the texts. Outdoor fountains are equipped with a long, silicone-resistant power cable that is weather-resistant. Outdoor fountains can of course be used indoors, but the opposite is not true.

Questions about deliveries:

The article I ordered does not suit me. What should I do ?

Whatever the reason, you can return the fixture, the carpet you ordered. We must contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. See our general conditions of sale for more details.

I live at the end of the world on a desert island. Can you deliver me?

Of course ! We actually delivered orders on islands located in many time zones of France. In this case, simply contact us that our logistics specialists can determine the best routing conditions for the carpet or luminaire of your choice. And if you invite us to spend a week of vacation on your desert island, we will be happy to help you to install it (we are very friendly!)

I’m thinking of buying a glass chandelier, but I’m afraid it will break during delivery!

We deliver every week many fragile lighting items, especially glass and crystal. The products shipped are packed very rigorously (rigid box, shock absorbing cushions, ecological padding, internal reinforcements, etc.), and cases of broken luminaires are extremely rare.

Who makes my delivery?

Your delivery must be made by someone serious, reliable, with a real presence near you and who will take care of your purchase. This is the reason why most orders are shipped by La Poste Colissimo and UPS (United Parcel Service). These two providers have given us total satisfaction for years.

Questions about customer information:

Is my personal data well protected?

Unlike many commercial sites, we store only the minimum information about you: it is exclusively the information you give us when you order (name, address, phone and email). Unlike many other sites, we do not sell space to any advertising agency, and do not sell any information to third parties. We consider that your visit to our site is a matter that concerns only you and us, and that it is probably not motivated by the desire to see advertisements for automobiles.

Really Beautiful Keeps completely secure and confidential information necessary for your delivery and the establishment of your bill: email, address, phone number. This information is kept completely confidential and is not communicated to anyone.

In addition, and to give you additional security, we never know your credit card number: if you choose to pay by card, the transaction is handled by Sogecommerce (Société Générale) or if you wish, Paypal. They are the ones who will securely receive your payment details, and our systems will never see or store your card information.

Our IT infrastructure is hosted by one of the leading French Info-management specialists. The computer servers used by Vraiment Beau are totally secure and monitored around the clock. Access to our servers is only possible granted to duly authorised personnel, and requires several identification procedures.

You will find a more detailed description of the information we store and what to do if you want us to erase it.

Other questions

Why buy on Vraiment Beau?

With Vraiment Beau, you benefit from:

  • Our physical presence in Brittany: we are on internet, but also have brick & mortar (wood actually);
  • Real advice and information provided by a team of high level professionals, experts in decoration and lighting;
  • The assurance that your satisfaction is our number one priority, whatever the circumstances and the problems encountered;
  • True after sales service, should you need spare parts, or another matching item.

Payment in 3 instalments with zero interests, how does it work?

Take advantage of this free payment facility for the purchase of your lighting, your carpet or any other order over € 150 on Really Beautiful! For this, at the time of the validation of the order (page “My Order”), select the option “Pay in 3 checks of XXX €”. Then send us three checks of the amount indicated – which is the amount of your order simply divided by three. Upon receipt of your payment, your order is validated: (i) a check is cashed immediately; (ii) a second check is cashed one month later; (iii) the last is banked two months after the first. PayPal also proposes a similar facility.

How to check the status of my orders?

If we receive information from our suppliers that the manufacturing of your order may be delayed, we will inform you by email (do check in your spam folder !). You can also call us if the announced date has passed and you missed our email.

My light or my fountain is down. What should I do ?

We are at your disposal to help you exercise the manufacturer’s warranty that accompanies the items that we distribute.

How can I complain and claim my rights?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We are at your disposal to solve the problem that is bothering you. Contact our customer service. There is always a solution to meet your expectations.

What is your pricing policy?

We scrupulously respect the commercial rules established by each of our manufacturers, and honor the price scales they ask us to apply. For some big orders and for our professional friends of the decoration, reductions are possible, contact us on this subject.

Can I see the product before buying?

We have more than 7000 products in our catalog and most of them are manufactured to order. We obviously cannot hold them in inventory, and our manufacturers themselves do not. That said, we usually have some samples or even items from each manufacturer that we can show to illustrate the materials used and the quality of manufacturing. Do call us, we will do our best to help.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to call us or contact us by mail!

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