Exterior pendants

Meet the standards for balconies, gardens, modern or classic

Vraiment Beau's selection of exterior pendants are ideal for lighting covered areas or adding a finishing touch to a porch. Most of the models in our range of exterior pendants are made in bronze, brass, aluminium or steel. Do take a look at the gorgeous exterior pendants in bronze made by Nautic, able to bring an extra touch of distinction to the most elegant of homes, and which have matching wall lights. Vraiment Beau has selected only exterior pendants of the highest quality, unaffected by corrosion and sufficiently waterproof to resist the worst of weather. Note that exterior luminaires which have a bulb that is directly visible should preferably be fitted with a halogen bulb, or, better still, a decorative bulb. When the bulb is hidden behind a frosted glass diffuser, this is less important and a normal bulb can be used.

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