Our practical Guide

All our tips for designing and installing your lighting fixtures!

We have designed this practical guide to answer most of the questions we hear about lightings: how to size the lighting you need for your room; to choose the most suitable light bulbs for your lightings; to clarify the terms you read in the descriptions; to validate your technical choices, and many more.

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  • Introduction to lighting
    Discover the principles of a successful atmosphere, and magnify your decoration! A few well-chosen luminaires can transform your interior, if you apply a few simple rules. Here are some tips and tricks used by the specialists.
  • New lighting technologies
    Read our comprehensive description of the pros and cons of the new lighting technologies (LED, compact fluorescent bulbs etc) and become familiar with the technical terms that you will find in the documentations – illumination in lux, luminous flux in lumens, luminous intensity in candelas, etc.
  • Choosing LEDs
    Light Emitting Diodes now offer outstanding solutions, as long as you choose them wisely. You will find everything you need in this page to debunk the marketing pitches and choose the best LEDs for your needs.
  • Calculate your lighting requirements
    Our two calculators will allow you to size the features and number of fixtures to be installed according to your lighting needs and your decoration choices. Everything you need to apply the principles used by lighting professionals!
  • The most common models of bulbs
    A practical guide to the different types of bulbs, to choose the model you need for your lighting fixtures. We see a lot of bulbs and we follow closely the progress with our suppliers, and we like both energy savings and aesthetic qualities!
  • How to start with connected lighting
    How can you equip a lamp to be wirelessly connected, how can you start an installation simply?
  • Choosing chandeliers and suspensions
    These must be carefully chosen for a successful atmosphere. This page offers a classification and essential explanations to guide your choices.
  • The sconces
    Advice and recommendations to choose and integrate them harmoniously in your decoration.
  • The table lamps
    They are indispensable auxiliaries for a smooth atmosphere and can achieve very different decorative objectives. A small classification to guide your choices!
  • Light beacons for outdoor or indoor.
    Beacons are increasingly indispensable in any garden, to illuminate the walkways, the massifs and the trees, or to highlight a wall or a small monument. A few ideas to keep in mind before getting started.

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