Exterior spot & floodlighting

Meet the standards for standing or fixing in grass or around the edge of a swimming pool.

In a garden, our exterior spotlights and floodlights can light the lawn, flower bed, tree or hedge of your choice: it is possible to shape how the garden appears with lighting, through the choice of position and orientation of the spotlights. These can be fixed to a building or low wall, or installed at ground level (on a block or buried) for total discretion. Vraiment Beau has selected only exterior spotlights that are well made, waterproof and that will resist knocks and the worst of weather. Most of the models in the garden spotlight range are made in aluminium or stainless steel. All these luminaires are designed to meet waterproofing standards, ensuring many years of trouble-free working life. Depending on the model, these exterior spotlights can be fitted with halogen, LED or low-energy bulbs. You might have noticed that a growing number of exterior spotlights are fitted with LEDs. These have a working life that can be measured in tens of thousands of hours, so avoiding the need to change burned-out bulbs. Using this technology, Vraiment Beau has selected only spotlights with high-performance LEDs, which provide a generous light level - which is not the case for the cut-price spotlights sold in many stores.

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