Black outdoor spot on large spike with LED lighting

Swivel garden light mounted on black aluminum rod, IP65 - Faro - Exterior spot & floodlighting

Price: 178.00

This black spotlight with a contemporary design for the garden is mounted on a tall pole to be planted wherever you want. The projector, short, is mounted on an articulated U that allows it to rotate and thus direct the light at will and is equipped with a powerful LED light and concentrated 25°. The set is made entirely of black aluminium, making it suitable for all purposes, and the IP65 protection rating guarantees weather resistance.
The Spanish company Faro, active since 1945, has diversified its inspirations over time to offer an excellent collection of outdoor lighting to illuminate terraces and gardens.
The model is also mounted on a short stem under the reference 19070632, as well as apply or reference spot 19070631 19070633 reference.
Dimensions: 69cm total height, 50cm height above ground, 7cm width.
The light source is a 14W, 3000k, 830lm LED module with driver supplied.

Product reference: 19070630
Shipped within: 3 to 4 weeks
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Black outdoor spot on large spike with LED lighting. Faro.

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Adjustable outdoor spotlight and powerful LED lighting. Faro. Outdoor LED spot on small black aluminum pike. Faro.


Indoor and outdoor lighting, halogen and LED

Faro is a major Spanish lighting company founded in 1986. From the very beginning, Faro has pursued an impressive strategy of continuous improvement of its luminaires, both in terms of design and technology. A strong creative activity, an intense partnership with many international designers, allows Faro to present a wide range of luminaires with a totally contemporary design, but with the ability to be implemented in all decorative styles, both classic and contemporary. Faro produces a wide range of luminaires with very high manufacturing quality, an incomparable quality/price ratio and incorporating the most innovative technologies. The luminaire bodies are built to last. Faro is a master of high performance LED lighting technology. For your garden, balcony or terrace, Faro presents a wide range of outdoor lighting, manufactured to the most stringent waterproofing standards to guarantee unparalleled reliability and durability.

Black outdoor spot on large spike with LED lighting. Faro.