Choosing table lamps

Table lamps are very helpful to create light points that contribute to the cozy atmosphere of a room, or to facilitate reading and working. They exist in many shapes, forms and styles, many of them are very pretty (at least those that we select for our catalogue!) and the main challenge is to settle for a model!
Lampe de table

The table lamps create an area of interest in the room. They can attract the attention, highlight an object – which can be the coffee table or the table where they sit, for example. They help to structure the room in clearly identifiable spaces, which a single, centralized light often fails to achieve.

You will find three styles in this category:

  • Models of a neutral design, which purpose is to blend in the existing decor. Examples in our lines of products are the Casadisagne models or the transparent lamps by Concept Verre. Baulmann Leuchten and Paulo Coelho are also remarkable creators of lamps in this category. They are quite easy to integrate in most environments, and it is hard to fail;
  • Table lamps that are themselves an object of attention. This is the case for instance of the colourful models by Concept Verre again, the very classical and beautifully manufactured collections of Objet Insolite, the vintage models of Contract & More;
  • The lamps that bring by themselves a defined style to the room, for example for a nautical, mountain or countryside decoration. The natural fit of these lamps with the rest of the room means that their integration is also quite easy. In this category we can mention the solid brass lamps by Moretti Luce, the mountain collection by Angel des Montagnes and the Tiffany models of Artistar.

The table lamps can also contribute to the general lighting mood. It is for instance the case of models with translucent shades, in fabric or frosted glass.

These lamps are usually easy to install, since they can be connected to the nearest wall socket. It is sometimes useful to connect them through a dimmer.

The quality of the manufacturing of these lamps is quite important: visitors can inspect them from very close and will be suitably impressed by the quality of the materials and by their finer details.

In terms of bulb, it is of course necessary to strictly comply with the maximum electrical power recommended by the manufacturer. Most lamps are designed for E14 (small screw bulb) or E27 (same, large) base. From an aesthetic point of view, high-quality halogen or LED bulbs will be preferred to compact fluorescent bulbs,  which should be reserved for lamps with good lampshades.

You will find on Vraiment Beau a very large selection of these lamps, all chosen for the quality of their manufacturing:

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