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European laws (GDPR law) impose complete transparency on the personal information stored by websites, and on what is done with it. At Vraiment Beau, we have a clear position: we store only the minimum amount of personal information that you voluntarily give us, and which we need to deliver the products you order.

In addition, and with the exception of services rendered by Société Générale and PayPal for payment and by Google Analytics for activity monitoring (see below), we do not transmit any personal information that you give us to any third parties, whether for free or for a fee. Finally, we have made the choice since the creation of Vraiment Beau, to host zero advertising by third parties, and we do not have installed any mechanism (with the exception of Google Analytics) which would allow third parties to collect information on our visitors.

We do not leave any cookies on your phone or computer beyond the strict minimum necessary to serve you.

Finally, you can contact us at any time to check your personal information, or ask us to delete it.

1. The personal information we store

At Vraiment Beau, we have chosen to allow any visitor to browse our site in a completely anonymous way. The only personal information about you that we store and that we ask you is when ordering, so that we can deliver your purchase or contact you in case of problems:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your phone number ;
  • Your email ;
  • Your address ;
  • The date you entered these data;

All this information is the one you choose to enter on our order page. You accept to trust us with this information when you click on the button “place order”.

We also collect the IP address from which you connect to our site. We do not use it except in cases of fraud and in compliance with French laws and regulations.

The only processing we do with these informations, are those that allow us to produce your invoice and shipping documents, and to follow the completion of your order.

2. Societe Generale & PayPal

We have chosen to entrust the entire process of payment by credit card to the bank Société Générale, and to PayPal. As soon as you click on “pay by card”, we will transfer you to their payment sites. As a consequence, you enter the your credit card or account information directly on their websites. This information never passes on our site. It is therefore impossible for us to lose it, or to have it stolen, since we never get to even see it.

3. Google Analytics

Like most websites, we use the services of Google Analytics to track the activity of our site. The only information we receive from Google is the number of people per page on our site, by geographical origin and type of device, the name of the page or keyword (if you came to us after a Google search) that have sent you to our site. This information is anonymous and provided to our site administrator in real time, or aggregated. However, Google does not provide any personal data (IP address etc …). You can check here: the privacy rules for Google Analytics.

Note that this service is used by the vast majority of websites (about 64% according to “Datanyze”). If you do not want to appear in the Google Analytics statistics when you surf the Internet, you can find numerous tools (for instance or browser settings, that will deactivate trackers on the sites you visit.

Google Analytics also proposes settings to anonymize all the information it gathers on our site: we always select these settings to protect your personal information.

4. Vraiment Beau cookies

Cookies are small files that websites store on your computer, tablet or phone. Some sites allow advertising agencies or advertisers to drop cookies while you surf on these sites, and these agencies then use them to target the ads you find each time you re-open your browser. At Vraiment Beau, we totally reject these practices, and we are careful to limit the use of cookies to a minimum. Moreover, we do not entrust any outside party (other than Google) with the right to deposit or read cookies on your device, through our site. The only cookies we create are:

  • A “Session cookie”, which lasts only the time of your connection to our site and which allows the site to follow your progress from one page to another within our site, to provide you with continuity while you progress through our pages. These cookies are usually erased as soon as you log out of the site, according to the parameters of your browser. These session cookies are used by all websites, and do not store any personal information. They only allow the site to know that the person who opens the page “n” of the site is the same as the one who has just left the page “n-1” of the same site;
  • A cookie that remembers if you are connected with a phone, or with a computer or tablet. This cookie only contains a value of 1 or 0 depending on your device, and does not store any personal information. It is by reading this cookie that we know whether to offer you pages for phones (small screens) or larger pages.

5. Erasing your data

If you want us to erase the data we have on you (see §1), you can send us a personal data deletion request by email, and we will delete this information within the legal deadline of one month. You can also ask us to send you your personal information (cf. paragraph 1): please send us a a personal data transmission request by email with instructions on how we can contact you, and we will send you all the information we have by email after having verified your identity.

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