Chalet chic

Chalet-chic luminaires, inspired by the mountain lifestyle, for homes in the high peaks

For those of you who are decorating a chalet or ski-resort appartment, we have chosen chalet-chic luminaires with typical Alpine motifs: skiers, snowflakes, fir trees... to create a collection of delightful coordinated wall lights, pendants, table and standard lamps. These chalet-chic luminaires can be fitted with halogen, LED or low-energy bulbs, but please contact us for advice on the best bulb to choose. When staying in the mountains, everyone loves a cosy atmosphere. This is easy to create by fitting your chalet-chic luminaire with a dimmer switch, which allows the bulb filament to glow warmly. Contact us for more information. It is worth noting that, paradoxically, our nautical luminaires can also be used to elegant effect in a mountain chalet.

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