Barovier&Toso lighting at the Hotel La Nauve

12-light Rosati chandelier in the Notes restaurant

Our festive end-of-year trip took us to the south-west of France, where a lunch break at the Notes restaurant at the Hotel La Nauve in Cognac turned into an exceptional gastronomic and aesthetic experience. Attracted by the reputation of chef Anthony Carballo, we were also eager to discover the splendour of a renovation that has transformed a former 19th-century mansion into an opulent 5-star Relais&Châteaux hotel.

Renowned local architect Éric Daigre, the mastermind behind this transformation, has orchestrated an artistic ballet by bringing together the region’s finest craftsmen. Among them was the renowned cabinetmaker Thierry Drevelle, whose talent has left an indelible mark on the rooms, bringing a timeless elegance to every corner of the hotel.

Light is a key element in the refined ambience of La Nauve, and this is where the excellence of the Venetian firm Barovier&Toso comes into play. Carefully selected Murano glass fixtures add a touch of splendour to the whole. Renowned for its centuries-old expertise, Barovier&Toso has captured the Venetian spirit and expressed it through lighting creations that blend perfectly with the elegant atmosphere of La Nauve.

Every corner of this Relais&Châteaux hotel bears witness to the perfect blend of 19th century history and contemporary luxury, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

Giant chandelier above the cocktail bar

The Barovier&Toso epic began in 1295 with the first official document mentioning the master glassmaker. A century and a half later, the Barovier family wrote a new chapter in the history of glass with the revolutionary invention of a material of exceptional transparency and dazzling brilliance: Venetian crystal.

In 1455, Angelo Barovier obtained the exclusive right to produce “Cristallo Veneziano” or Venetian crystal, thus establishing the reputation of the Barovier family.

The 20th century was the second main act in the Barovier&Toso epic, marked by the emblematic presence of Ercole Barovier. A prolific and talented man, his creations are still the brand’s ultimate references. In 1936, Barovier & Toso joined forces to create the company we know today. Barovier&Toso chandeliers combine incomparable elegance with exceptional craftsmanship. In the world of interior design, Barovier&Toso remains a timeless icon of refinement in the city of the Doges.

We discovered this beautiful house during a stay in Venice, where we were able to visit the brand’s impressive showroom, located in a former factory on the island of Murano.

Waterfall chandelier in the grand staircase of the hotel

Every corner of this Relais & Châteaux hotel reflects the perfect blend of 19th century history and contemporary luxury, creating an unforgettable experience. La Nauve is the destination of choice for foodies looking for an escape where every detail counts. A celebration of the senses.

View of the hotel from the gardens