Dreizehngrad 13°

Wooden lights - Made in Germany

Dreizehngrad 13° is a German manufacturer of wooden lamps, pendants and floor lamps. Founded by two talented designers, Alexander Paul Finke and Jörg Zinser, the company is based in Dresden - the longitude of which is 13°. The company offers a wide range of lamps with wooden lampshades. The preferred woods are walnut, maple and beech. Cut into very thin slices, the wood is translucent and is ideal for making lampshades of high aesthetic and visual quality. The company emphasises the use of natural materials and minimises the use of chemicals. The lacquers are applied by hand by a small manufacturer also based in the Black Forest. Each Dreizehngrad luminaire is unique and handmade in the company's workshops in the town of Alpirsbach in the Black Forest. The entire production process takes place in Germany and involves many stages of craftsmanship: cutting, shaping and varnishing the wood. But Dreizehngrad also knows how to combine the most advanced technologies: the metal parts are laser-cut to ensure perfect fitting and an impeccable finish. Dreizehngrad has designed numerous architectural projects in Germany - cafes, hotels, restaurants and public spaces.

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