La Chance

Design and graphics lighting, furniture and accessories

La Chance is a Parisian lighting and furniture company founded by Louise Breguet and Jean-Baptiste Souletie to express their vision of French design. They were inspired by the work of Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann and his contribution to the Art Deco movement of the early twentieth century. The sobriety of the lines, the nobility of the materials and the dramaturgy of the staging are perfectly reflected in La Chance's creations. La Chance maintains a close and faithful relationship with the artisans chosen to create its collections, all of whom are based in Europe, with the exception of the carpets. The materials used (wood, marble, cork, New Zealand wool, metal, leather and blown glass) and the colours chosen, frankly primary, are in fact the threads of the various editions, despite the intervention of designers coming from very different horizons. La Chance insists on a strong identity and a design made to last.

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