Very high-end LED bulbs, for classic style chandeliers and lamps, flame shape

Minilampe is an industrial designer of products combining optics and electronics. Established in Carcassone since 1970, Minilampe is one of the last French production plants which masters the manufacture of glass, the creation of filaments and the mixing of gases. It also designs lighting assemblies incorporating the best LED technologies to meet all of its customers' issues. Minilampe supplies both the aeronautical and railway industries as well as the Palace of Versailles. She has also created in collaboration with the latter, the LED lamp "La Châtelaine" that we offer here for the equipment of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures of the castle. The Châtelaine is a high quality LED bulb, the shape and size of a candle flame. It has an E14 base and can be used directly on 230V. Its realization is a real feat of miniaturization of the LED driver. Its low power consumption compared to halogen or incandescent models also allows significant energy savings.

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