Blakes Table Lamp

Exterior rechargeable table lamp in antique bronze - Nautic by Tekna - Cordless lamps

Price: 1 080.00

This magnificent outdoor table lamp needs no electric cable: its integral battery gives it 5 hours of autonomy, ample time to enjoy the lovely summer evenings. By placing this lamp nearby without having to worry about plugging it in, we can relive the ways of our ancestors who carried lanterns. Made in antique bronze, its vertical faces are glazed with high resistance polycarbonate material. This lamp meets IP43 weatherproofing standards, so will come to no harm if it is forgotten outside during a storm. It can safely be left out as a decorative object all year long. The lamp can also be used indoors and is ideal for lighting a dining table without the worry of an ungainly trailing flex. The high-tech Blakes table lamp is fitted with a high-power LED light source. This is specially designed to produce a pleasant light, as befits the prestigious style of this luminaire.
Dimensions: base 14cm x 14cm, height 28cm
Light source: specific 3W LED module integral to luminaire. The lamp is supplied with a charger base for connection to the mains supply.

Product reference: 11060081
Shipped within: 4 to 5 weeks
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Nautic by Tekna

Lanterns, wall lamps, ceiling lamp in antique bronze for indoor and outdoor use.

Nautic is the trademark of the Belgian lighting manufacturer Tekna. Under the direction of its creator Erik Huysman, Nautic designs and produces a range of luminaires of very high quality of material and assembly, made with pure materials: bronze (armament), cast iron, brass. From a stylistic point of view, Nautic draws its inspiration from ancient forms of "luminaries" - candlesticks and lanterns - completely reworked and transcribed to today's aesthetic and technical requirements. Nautic manufactures several models of patinated bronze lanterns. Particularly suitable for porches, exterior walls, or at the entrance of a mansion. This same style is also found in many models of appliques with similar finish. Nautic manufactures a wide range of marine-style luminaires, capable of transforming the decoration of a house by the sea, but also of a mountain chalet, bringing an undeniable touch of authenticity and refinement. In the Nautic range, there are also a large number of luminaires designed to the most severe waterproofing standards, which can therefore be installed outside, but also inside in dry and wet rooms (bathroom ). The Nautic luminaire range also includes an extraordinary nomade lamp, also made of solid bronze and with sublime patina, which one imagines, placed on a table, bringing an exceptional touch to the atmosphere of a meal in the garden or on the terrace , one summer evening. Nautic luminaires are sometimes equipped with clear and transparent glass, so the bulb is directly visible. As such, from the aesthetic point of view, the use of a compact fluorescent bulb is strictly forbidden! A decorative light bulb with glowing filament is highly recommended or if not a halogen bulb associated with the use of a dimmer.

Blakes Table Lamp. Nautic by Tekna.