White drop pendant and black cable

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This white drop pendant, placed at the end of a rigid rod and a black cable, consists of a white glass blown with the cane, slightly translucent. It is illuminated by transparency, and provides a very beautiful downlight. This pendant is also available with a black glassware, under the reference 13110236. It is possible to make compositions employing or not the two models, as shown in the detail photos presented on this page. The pendant comes with a black aluminum wall bracket with a diameter of 14cm. High quality manufacturing in Karboxx workshops in Treviso.
Dimensions: glassware and rigid rod diameter 15cm and height 70cm. The suspension is delivered with 200cm of cable, shortenable to the installation.
Light source: a standard energy-saving bulb (LED or fluorescent) with a maximum power of 20W, illuminating as much as a conventional 100W bulb.

Product reference: 13110235
Shipped within: 4 to 5 weeks
Our Return Policy: as per French law, you can return your purchase within 14 days of the reception date, if for any reason you are unhappy with it. Please read article 10 of our Terms and Conditions for more details.
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Carbon fiber lamps and other technological materials

Karboxx is a great brand of Italian luminaires very design and original fiberglass, carbon fiber and aluminum. Karboxx collaborates with many designers to offer lighting with a refined and sophisticated design using innovative materials such as carbon, fiberglass and aluminum. The sober lines and the technical materials are the hallmarks Karboxx luminaries, Italian elegance as a bonus. Italian manufacture of impeccable quality make Karboxx a reference in Contemporary Design. Karboxx does not hesitate to present us its lampshades varnished fiberglass, immersed in water to convince us of its hydrophobic qualities and allow installation in a kitchen or workshop. Making life more beautiful and easier are 2 engines of Karboxx brand creativity.

White drop pendant and black cable. Karboxx.