Double pendant lamp in patinated brass and clear glass conical hemispherical reflectors

Pendant with tubular elements. Protection grid - Aldo Bernardi - Pendants

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This incredible double pendant light in patinated brass and transparent glass is formed by a lower conical reflector, held at its top by two tubular elements to a second upper hemispherical reflector. Glassware rests on the circumference of the lower reflector. Conical, it rises by a cylindrical section which fits under the upper reflector. A protective grille with blades, held by four sets of round spacers, completes this superb set. This suspension is fixed by three metal tubes to a beautiful cylindrical connection box. This is provided with four connection holes, intended for installations with visible cabling. The suspension is delivered with four metal screw caps to close these holes. The Aldo Bernardi signature is embossed on the connection box. You can specify when ordering the desired total height, the length of the rods is adjusted in the workshops of the manufacturer. This aged brass pendant light is made in the workshops of Aldo Bernardi, in Treviso, Italy.
Dimensions: total standard height 100cm. Suspension proper (excluding rods) height 38cm and diameter 50cm. The ceiling box measures 14cm in diameter and 5cm high.
Light source to be used with this luminaire: two standard screw bulbs large E27 base with a maximum power of 70W each or equivalent LED. The installation of a bulb on the upper socket is naturally optional. For the lower bulb, we recommend the use of the decorative E27 navigation bulb, reference 11020153, in the style perfectly suited to this luminaire.

Product reference: 12120014
Shipped within: 4 to 5 weeks
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Pendant cone and tubes in aged brass. Aldo Bernardi. Large flared pendant lamp in aged brass. Aldo Bernardi.

Aldo Bernardi

Prestige fixture in porcelain, brass, silk and copper

Since 1970, the Italian high-end luminaire manufacturer Aldo Bernardi has been inspired by the traditional manufacturing methods of the Aloso region to create fabulous classic and contemporary luminaries of Italian design. The first shaped materials were brass and ceramic, pillars of the brand's creations, complemented today by cement, metal, resin, glass ... and equipped with high-quality LED technology. Lover of his terroir and open to the world, Aldo Bernardi bridges tradition and innovation, in a style freed from trends and conformism, to offer a high-end production of luminaries recognizable by the perfection of the detail. Counterbalanced ceramic pendant lights that have become trendy again, large pendant lights and contemporary chandeliers, romantic and charming solid brass outdoor lighting, beautiful sconces, make up the very rich collection of Aldo Bernardi.

Double pendant lamp in patinated brass and clear glass conical hemispherical reflectors. Aldo Bernardi.