Amsterdam classic contemporary gold chandelier 14 lights

Venetian crystal chandelier inlaid with gold sequins and rostrato wicks - Barovier&Toso - Chandeliers

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This 14-light chandelier with a gold metal structure covered with gold glittered Venetian crystal,' is part of the Amsterdam series, which revisits the style of the classic chandelier in a more contemporary version. The warmly appealing model is composed of 14 swan-necked arms, which extend in a circle from a central vase and are topped by conical black fabric shades. The highlight of the model is the crystal ring at the base of each light, shaped into a rosette using the company's 20th century 'rostrato' technique, which produces the kaleidoscope effect of light refraction, as well as the typical spiny surface. These rings are placed under the golden candle of each light, like a crystalline basin, as well as on the suspension rod, and finally in the form of a large seed at the base of the chandelier. The name of the series is a tribute to the canals of Amsterdam, which are like arms, radiating like a star in the heart of the city. Barovier & Toso, from a long line of master glassmakers dating back to the 14th century, perpetuates the family tradition and know-how, while having introduced a modernist dimension and innovative aesthetics to the discipline of Murano glasswork.
The model is also available in 10, 8 and 5-light versions in the ordering options at the bottom of this page, as well as in 18 and 24-light versions under the reference 21070116. For other dimensions and finishes, please contact us.
Dimensions: the 14-light model is 138cm in diameter and 138cm in maximum overall height, weighing 31kg. The 10-light model is 120cm in diameter and 110cm in total maximum height, for 26kg. The 8-light model is 106cm in diameter and 96cm in maximum overall height, at 22kg, and the 5-light model is 87cm in diameter and 87cm in maximum overall height, at 18kg.
The conical shades are 17cm high, 9cm in diameter for the upper part and 16cm in diameter for the lower part.
The light source is 14, 10, 8 or 5 E14 bulbs of 60W max each, or LED equivalent, to be purchased separately.

Product reference: 21070112
Shipped within: 9 to 10 weeks
The price shown includes 20% of VAT for France. The applicable VAT and the shipping costs will be calculated in the Basket, according to the destination. Return policy: in Europe, you can return your purchase within 14 days of the reception date, if for any reason you are unhappy with it. Please read the article 10 of our Terms and Conditions for more details.
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Amsterdam classic contemporary gold chandelier 10 lights 14 718.00€ Incl. Tax
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Venetian crystal chandeliers in classic and contemporary high-end design.

Founded in 1295, Barovier&Toso is one of the oldest and most prestigious Murano lighting factories known to Venice. The first official document mentioning Mr. Barovier, a master glassmaker on the island of Murano, is found at this date. A century and a half later, Barovier made history with the revolutionary invention of an extremely transparent and brilliant material by Angelo Barovier. The factor that makes this formula unique and still used today is the total absence of arsenic and lead in its composition. By a decree of 1455, Angelo Barovier obtained the exclusive right to produce "Cristallo Veneziano" or Venetian crystal. The 20th century was the second high point in the history of this great family thanks to the personality and talent of Ercole, a prolific and gifted designer whose models are still the most beautiful references in the collection today. Barovier&Toso chandeliers are of incomparable elegance and unequalled quality of manufacture.

Amsterdam classic contemporary gold chandelier 14 lights. Barovier&Toso.