Art Deco brass and silver floor lamp

Geometric floor lamp in chrome and gold metal - Lucien Gau - Floor lamps

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A pure Art Deco style floor lamp with chrome and gold geometric details typical of this early 20th century aesthetic. The model has a round base formed by a stack of two chromed metal discs, surmounted by a magnificent golden hexagonal metal piece to which the right hexagonal foot is attached. The diffuser consists of a metal bowl with upturned edges that directs the light towards the ceiling, fixed on a short golden stem and balanced by three golden metal arms pierced with geometric patterns, signature of the Art Deco spirit.
Heir to a Parisian bronze workshop that dates back to the 19th century, Lucien Gau demonstrates year after year his exceptional craftsmanship, built up and handed down from generation to generation, both in terms of restoration and conservation and in the reproduction of lamps using techniques that are faithful to the period in which they originate.
Dimensions: 180cm high, 25cm diameter.
The light source is a R7S 118mm 500W halogen or equivalent LED bulb to be purchased separately.

Product reference: 22050087
Shipped within: 3 to 4 weeks
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Art Deco brass and silver floor lamp. Lucien Gau.

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Lucien Gau

Sublime classic style lighting, solid bronze and bohemian crystal

Founded in 1934, Lucien Gau is one of France's most prestigious lighting manufacturers. In particular, Lucien Gau designs and manufactures an exceptional range of chandeliers, sconces and candlesticks in the Dutch, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Directory, Empire and Restoration styles. The manufacture, of exceptional quality, is carried out entirely in France. The craftsmen employed by Lucien Gau work, finish, assemble and patinate solid bronze using the most traditional methods, inherited from a long tradition of excellence. The bronzes are cast in the traditional way: for each model, the craftsmen model the parts of a lamp, a reference copy. For each copy of this model, a sand mould is made into which the cast bronze is poured. The mould, which is broken when it is removed, is used only once. This process gives a unique finesse and allows great freedom of design. Once cooled and removed from the mould, each piece undergoes a long process of finishing: deburring, turning, chiseling fine ornamental motifs, polishing and patinating are all done by hand and require a unique know-how. The most commonly used patinas are old gold, matt tin, bright gold and antique. Lucien Gau's collections include luminaires of great elegance and balanced forms. Whether a masterful chandelier or a discreet appliqué, each model has the same manufacturing quality. Lucien Gau has illuminated many exceptional buildings, castles, ministries and palaces all over the world. Really Beautiful is proud to present such a collection of luminaires of exemplary design and quality.

Art Deco brass and silver floor lamp. Lucien Gau.