Tips for navigating Vraiment Beau’s site

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Vraiment Beau offers you more than 80 brands and 5000 products, carefully selected for their beauty and the quality of their manufacturing. Here are some tips to help you find your way on our site, and find what you are looking for faster.

You will see two versions of the site, depending on whether you are using a mobile phone, or a device with a larger screen (tablet, computer). We created a special site for mobile phones, better suited to small screens and limited download speeds. If you find that the pages are too small on your phone, you can turn the screen in horizontal position (the landscape mode): the pages and the photos will appears bigger. For a better experience still, we recommend that you use a tablet or a computer with a large screen: you will then be able to access high resolution and large size pictures, which will allow you to better appreciate the beauty of our lighting fixtures.

Shelves and Ranges

The site is structured in Departments and Ranges. Shelves are the most general categories of products: contemporary lighting, classic lighting, outdoor lighting, accessories, carpets, etc. Each Department is divided into several Ranges: contemporary lighting for example, contains Ranges of sconces, chandeliers, table lamps, etc. Each Range then contains products. The menu that describes these Departments and Ranges is at the top of each page (or in the left-hand column for blog articles and the practical guide).

The Department and Range Pages
This same menu also offers you access by Brand (area A on the screenshot), with an illustrated catalog of all our brands. All the products are also classified with 4 criteria: their colour, their style (classic, industrial, nautical …), their brand and their price. You will find these criteria at the top of the Range and Brand pages (zone B on the screenshot). At the top right of the page, you can start a search: a brand, a product number, a keyword (zone C)… Finally, you can also find the products you saw recently (zone D).

The Products pages

You land on a product page when you click on the corresponding photo. The product page contains all the information about the product, the buttons to put the product in your basket, and also suggestions of products that may interest you (areas A on the attached screen photo).

product pages
You can click on the photos of product, to discover the corresponding detailed page, or to
zoom the photo in bigger and higher definition.
At the top of the product page, you will find the same menu as before, to access Ranges and Departments. You will also find a button to see all the products of the same brand (zone B). The product photos on the left can be zoomed (C area of ​​the screenshot) in maximum definition. You will find that these high-definition photos are best viewed on a computer screen or a large tablet.

The Blog, Guide and Info pages

By clicking on the menus at the top right of the Department, Range and Product pages, you will arrive to our information pages. These pages offer you various our Blog articles (this page is one example), practical guide pages and information pages about Vraiment Beau. These pages are accessible from the top menus. Our articles cover current topics of the luminaire, invite you to discover our favourite manufacturers, present innovations and other news that we believe may interest you.

The main Blog page only shows the summary of the most recent articles. You can discover the full article by clicking on the title, and you can find the older articles by exploring the archives, at the top of the right column. Our Practical Guide pages offer tips for successful lighting design, choice and installation of fixtures. The Information pages explain who we are, the services offered by Vraiment Beau and the associated conditions.

You can also return to our brand and product pages with the same top navigation menu. If you have a large screen, you will see a left column with all our Departments and Ranges.

Finally, you can call us!

If you do not find what you are looking for, we are here to help you… Come visit us or call us! Our coordinates are at the bottom of every page, or here.

Our suppliers are often artists, with an almost infinite catalogue of luminaries, manufactured in small numbers or by request. If you are looking for a reference that you do not find on the site, do call us: we can source it for you.

Many of our manufacturers will also be able to customise their luminaries to your needs: dimensions, colour, finish etc. Do call us to discuss what is possible!